Narrowing the Gap: Dan McCaw Solo Exhibition

March 6 - April 10, 2021

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The Gap is that challenging time when a thought, an idea, a feeling, or experience is transformed into a visual construct - a painting.


It is that time when the subject surrenders its seductive powers and allows me to search beyond the safe, familiar and predictable, allowing a solution that aligns more closely with my aesthetics.


My Art is symbolic and ambiguous not to confuse you or lead you down a predetermined destination. I avoid the voices of clarity for its value remains in its mystery.


Many of my paintings in this exhibition are represented by a female figure, she symbolizes and represents the human desire for validation and acceptance. She stands her arms frozen as though the sculpture has not yet freed them from the stone, she waits for validation and the freedom to express her full self… her magic, her mystery. -Dan McCaw