Contemporary Realism

Opening reception: December 14th, 6-8 PM


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Denver, CO. Leading the way in work by contemporary realists, this December Gallery 1261 proudly presents the latest iteration of Contemporary Realism. This exhibition celebrates a wide range of ideas through the eyes of a multitude of artists, from those just starting out to the well-established.

Contemporary Realism can be described as a straightforward approach to representation; it continues to be widely practiced in the contemporary post-abstract era. Realism within this exhibition is depicted in varying degrees, from hyper-real, which can be somewhat exaggerated, ironic and conceptual in its nature, to semi-abstract, enticing the eye with a more relaxed approach—each artist brings their own ideas and perspective to the table.

Contemporary Realists form a disparate group, but what they share is that they are literate in the concepts of Modern Art but choose to work in a more traditional form. Many Contemporary Realists actually began as abstract painters, having come through an educational system dominated by an professors and theorists dismissive of representational painting.

In this exhibit, no two artists approach their painting the same way, the subject matter is abundant and widely expansive, yet as a whole, the works seamlessly meld together within the exhibition.

Participating artists:
Daud Akhriev, Michael Bergt, Daniel Bilmes, Gregory Block, David Cheifetz, Robin  Cole, Jennes Cortez, Valerio D'Ospina, Teresa Elliott, Zoey Frank, Scott Fraser, Patrick Kramer , Grant Gilsdorf, Tanja Gant, Nick Leibee, Jeff Legg, Susan Lyon, Stephen Mangum, Dianne L Massey Dunbar, Alexandra Manukyan, Joseph McGurl, Eloy Morales, Renato Muccillo, Patrick  Nevins, Judith Peck, Sara Scribner, Daniel  Sprick, Adrienne Stein, Anthony Waichulis, Jason Walker, Fred Wessel, Anne-Marie Zanetti, Elizabeth Zanzinger