A look into the private ideas of world-renowned artists


August 21 - September 26, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 21, 6-9 pm

Participating artists:

Jennifer Balkan
Jennifer Bakan | "Hope"Jennifer Bakan | "Public Art"
Casey Childs
Casey Childs | "Adoration of the Hi-Fi"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Children"
Rachel Constantine
Rachel Constantine | "Nimbus"
Stephen Early
Stephen Early | "Looking Forward to Yesterday"Stephen Early | "Undertow"
Nathan Ford
Nathan Ford | "Joachim"
Felicia Forte
Felicia Forte | "In the Interim: And Then There Was So Much More Time"Felicia Forte | "In the Interim: These Conversations Are So Quiet"Felicia Forte | "In the Interim: Time Machine"
Rose Frantzen
Rose Frantzen | "Intimations Unframed"Rose Frantzen | "Locket"
Ron Hicks + Michael Gadlin
Ron Hicks + Michael Gadlin | "Destiny's Suite"Ron Hicks + Michael Gadlin | "Sebastian's Harmony"
Quang Ho
Quang Ho | "Crimson Lake"Quang Ho | "Thrift Store"
Susan Lyon
Susan Lyon | "Through Wings and Space"
Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann | "Lure"
Ann Marshall
Ann Marshall | "Once There Was an Elephant"
Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca | "Carousel"
Daniel Sprick
Daniel Sprick | "Bird and Red Cloth
Katherine Stone + David Gluck
Katherine Stone + David Gluck | "The Ritual"
Joseph Todorovitch
Joseph Todorovitch | "Quanta"
Henrik Uldalen
Henrik Uldalen | "Blight"Henrik Uldalen | "Flux"
Aaron Westerberg
Aaron Westerberg | "A Study in Red Violet"
Zhaoming Wu
Zaoming Wu | "Simone in White"Zaoming Wu | "Nocturne"
Anna Wypych
Anna Wypych | "Sea Color"Anna Wypych | "Blue"
Vincent Xeus
Vincent Xeus | "Smudge on the Nobleman"
Zack Zdrale
Zack Zdrale | "63580"
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