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CW Mundy | "Camden, MN"CW Mundy | "View of Gloucester"CW Mundy | "Lover's Point, Pacific Grove, CA"CW Mundy | "Red Pear and Green Lime wtih Copper and Flow Blue"CW Mundy | "The Studio"CW Mundy | "Two Apples and One Pear"CW Mundy | "Brass, Yellow Pears, and Pomegranates"CW Mundy | "Pink Vase"CW Mundy
"What I admire most about C.W. Mundy is his genuine love and excitement for painting - I'm continually surprised by what he's thinking and doing. He seems to be constantly searching and challenging himself with a fearless attitude (you can see it in the paint application) which comes across in the expressive quality of his paintings." -- Quang Ho
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