David Shevlino

Headshot of David Shevlino
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David Shevlino | "Jillian Seated"David Shevlino | "Amber"David Shevlino | "Red Jacket"David Shevlino | "Blue Jacket"David Shevlino | "Yellow Shirt"David Shevlino | "Mel Dressing"David Shevlino | "Crown and Dress"David Shevlino | "Reclining Nude"David Shevlino | "Upside Down"David Shevlino | "Diver in Red"David Shevlino | "Race Horse"David Shevlino | "Race Horse 2"David Shevlino | "Yellow House"David Shevlino | "Jill"David Shevlino | "Side View"David Shevlino | "Fish"David Shevlino | "Nude on Green"David Shevlino | "Diane, PMA"David Shevlino | "Diane in Braids"David Shevlino | "Diane, Red"David Shevlino | "Erin"David Shevlino | "Mel"David Shevlino | "Under Water"David Shevlino | "Self Portrait"David Shevlino | "Self Portrait C"David Shevlino | "Garden Hose"David Shevlino | "Orange Shirt, Yellow Ball"David Shevlino | "Adam at Nubble"David Shevlino | "Bowing Sumos"David Shevlino | "Wrestling Figures"David Shevlino | "White, Yellow, Blue"David Shevlino | "Still Life, Carnation Orange"David Shevlino | "Persimmon"David Shevlino | "Two Radishes"David Shevlino | "Tea Cup and Lemon"David Shevlino | "Carnations"David Shevlino | "Glass and Lemon"David Shevlino | "Green Landscape"David Shevlino | "November"David Shevlino | "Nubble"Thumbnail of David Shevlino | "Egg"Thumbnail of David Shevlino | "Dark Sky"Thumbnail of David Shevlino | "Yellow Green Gold"Thumbnail of David Shevlino's | "Sumo Match"David Shevlino | "Seated Nude"David Shevlino | "Two Boxers"David Shevlino | "Orange Tree"David Shevlino | "Sunbather"

David Shevlino's work is a perfect bridge between solid classical painting and contemporary explorations of paint, movement, and expression. Hidden underneath the seemingly effortless movement of brushwork and flowing edges lies his keen grasp of structure, design, and drawing. The paintings seem to breathe with excitement, whether the subject is a still life, landscape, or a figure in mid-air. But the excitement for me actually comes from his choices of color harmonies, value relationships, and visual design that are unique to each painting. His work transforms the ordinary situations of everyday life into high art.

— Quang Ho

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