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Carolyn Anderson | "Redpoll"Carolyn Anderson | "Winter Finch"Carolyn Anderson | "Before the Race"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Finch in Winter"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Bird Bath"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "First Snow"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Young Robbin"Carolyn Anderson | "After the Bath"Carolyn Anderson | "The Captain"Carolyn Anderson | "Landscape Study"Carolyn Anderson | "Trees and Sky"Carolyn Anderson | "Creek in Winter"Carolyn Anderson | "Winter Light"Carolyn Anderson | "Cows in Vermont"Carolyn Anderson | "A Mother's Kiss"Carolyn Anderson | "Winter Matriarch"Carolyn Anderson | "Winter Warmth"Carolyn Anderson | "Fractal Trees I"Carolyn Anderson | "Fractal Trees II"Carolyn Anderson | "Dave"Carolyn Anderson | "The Actor"Carolyn Anderson | "Reclining Nude with Red Drape"Carolyn Anderson | "Reclining Nude"
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